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These are short read books, which aim to increase awareness about Islamic finance in general and specifically how to understand financial statements prepared by Islamic financial institutions, risk management practises in Islamic Financial institutions and how Islamic Finance and Sustainable Development Goals are intertwined.

Risk Management for Islamic Financial Institutions

Islamic finance (Capital Markets, Banking and Insurance) has emerged from a niche financial market to the mainstream of finance. The geographic market, clientele served, products base and volume of funds have grown significantly. Furthermore, the players have increased and now include not only pure Islamic institutions but also hybrid players (conventional bank with Islamic FinanceContinue reading “Risk Management for Islamic Financial Institutions”

Book Launch: Islamic Finance for Green and Sustainable Projects and Ventures

In recent years, the United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) have risen to the top of the development agenda, with an emphasis on a partnership approach between the financed and financier. Given the scale of the financial resources required to support the SDG’s, coupled with the strain on government budgets, the mobilization of financingContinue reading “Book Launch: Islamic Finance for Green and Sustainable Projects and Ventures”